Me, Judith, smiling at the camera in my London home studio. My iPad is in front of me.


I'm Judith, an artist and graphic designer based in London, originally from Montréal. After transitioning from fashion to graphic design 10 years ago, I have (re)introduced illustration and painting to my practice.

I set up Judith P. Raynault Studio in 2020 after being asked to sell one of my illustrations, which was exciting! I've since made many of them available, either as limited edition art prints or greeting cards. Stay tuned for more products!

Photo by Constanze Bauer

My colourful illustrations are certain to make your place brighter. Created in my home studio in London, I draw inspiration from people I see around me, design, fashion and photography. Every element I include has been thoughtfully researched, and representation of women is central to my work.


I love to share my inspirations and creative process. If you're interested to know more, you can join my Substack, Inspired. I only send it once a month! ☺︎